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Boston Fine Fibres


Welcome to Boston Fine Fibres
Specialty Alpaca Processing Mill

Fine Fleece - Fine Fibre

Boston Fine Fibres is a specialty fibre processing mill located in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales.  

We specialise in processing individual fleeces from our alpacas, generally labelling the yarn with the name of the alpaca whose fleece we chose. 

Paddock to Product - Farm to Yarn

We process alpaca fibre in an eco-friendly environment.  

No harsh detergents, bleaches or dying agents are used in our processing. We use only rain water harvested from our rooftop and our power to run the machines is predominantly sourced from solar power. Using fleeces from our alpacas which have been bred, raised and shorn right here on our farm, we proudly aim for minimal impact to the environment, while creating beautiful, luxurious yarn.  

Fleece to yarn to garment - in zero kilometers. 


See how your fibre goes from raw fleece to fantastic yarns, felt or rovings. 


In just a few months, Boston Fine Fibres is producing top quality yarn from my alpaca fleeces. Tanya is combining her scientific background with her creativity to produce a range of soft, consistent, beautifully plied  2, 4, 8 ply and bulky yarn plus stunning lopi and rug yarn as well as tops and bumps for hand spinners and felters. Her amazing blends include suri and huacaya, which knits up beautifully, alpaca and peacock feathers, alpaca and silk, alpaca and rose fibre, alpaca and  Angelina glitter  I can’t wait to knit up some of these amazing blends. 

Val Johanson - Qozqo Alpacas and Elite Australian Alpaca

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