About Us

Our mission is to contribute to the viability of the Australian Alpaca Industry by adding value to alpaca fleece produced by small breeders. After only a few years of breeding alpacas and llamas on their farm in southern New South Wales, Tanya and Jim decided to establish a specialty mill to add value to their fleeces and to offer this service to a local client base.  After two years in the planning, intensive training and months of skills development, Boston Fine Fibres opened to the public early in 2016.

At Boston Fine Fibres, we process every fleece with the greatest care to produce top quality products.  Our services and products have extended to incorporate other natural fibres including llama, sheep wool and angora goat blends.


While neither Jim nor Tanya have a background in the textile industry, they each bring skills that contribute to the quality and management of the mill. Jim originally trained as an electronics technician in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and served there RAAF for around 20 years, retiring as an Engineering Officer. Jim continues to work as a project and quality manager in the defence industry. Tanya started out as a medical scientist and worked in pathology and medical research before serving for an extended period in a Commonwealth agency. Tanya recently resigned from her day job to bring her management, laboratory and quality standards to the mill.

Tanya also contributes to the Australian Alpaca Association (AAA) through her work as regional Secretary to the Southern New South Wales branch of the AAA. Her love of animals and desire to promote the alpaca industry to a broader audience extends to local high schools where she hosts on-site tuition to students of science and agriculture.

We also sell quality alpaca 4ply, 8ply, 10ply, and lopi yarn in our online store.